Arena Expansion 2017 - A Bathroom for CHUM

We have a sponsor who is offering a matching grant! Between NOW and APRIL 1, 2017, this sponsor will match every donation 100% that is designated for the arena expansion and BATHROOM addition!!!! YES I said BATHROOM in the ARENA!!! How exciting is this!

If you have not been here let me help you by putting this in perspective. For the past 10 years, we have extolled how blessed we are to have a beautiful finished heated indoor arena to provide service in!  And during the past 10 years, we have hiked to the house to simply 'go potty', in any weather; rain snow, heat, mud, sleet, snow, ice, etc. For many the weather can make you certainly rethink how badly do you need the facilities in the house!  Conversely for those whose plumbing may not work as it once did, those hikes can seem quite long at times. And if accessibility is an issue, well, there certainly are issues with the distance of the bathroom in the house to the arena where CHUM's services are rendered! So yes, a bathroom is a great blessing God is offering to us through this donor.

The expansion will run down the side of the building and will also mean the horses can wait inside instead of the tie pole outside. The long term goal would be a treatment room and office. So many blessings wrapped up in this huge gift...Arena Expansion 2017!!


We have several ways for you to be involved in our fundraising efforts to bring a bathroom to the arena!  

  • Buy a CHUM T-Shirt or sweatshirt at

  • You can donate using the Go Fund Me page that Mat created for us.

  • Fill out the form below to let us know how much you will be donating and either mail a check to CHUM or use PayPal to submit your donation. 

  • Play the 1 to 365 Game.  A visual will be in the barn where you can pick a number which will correspond to a donation amount.   For example, you pick the number 11 and you donate $11, pick 223, donate $223, and so on.  Get creative with picking your number.....combine birthdays in your household or add up your favorite keno numbers. If we fill the board and use all 365 numbers, we will have raised nearly $60,000     (Below is a visual of the 1 to 365 Game.  As numbers are chosen, we will update the board with the word/short phrase that people submit to describe CHUM.)

Please, if you feel led to do so, please help us meet the goal, any and all donations for the building will be matched 100%.

I pray God opens His storehouses of blessings for each of you for your kindness and generosity! Thanks and love to all!

You are making a difference in your community!
We thank you !

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