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Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

Submitted 03/01/2017

Therapeutic horseback riding has been extremely beneficial for my son, Quinn.  It has helped is muscle tone, given him confidence and coordination and settled his nerves.  He also likes the interaction with the aides when he is riding —especially the ladies.


Quinn has been riding since he was 18 months old.  His goals and needs have changed over the years, but he started because of is moderate to severe hypotonia.   Read more...

Wyatt's Story

Submitted 03/01/2017

My son, Wyatt, is three years old. Wyatt has been diagnosed with Ocular Motor Apraxia, Speech Apraxia, and Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy. Beyond his diagnoses, he is a loveable, determined little boy. As Wyatt has grown we have seen his frustration grow because he is unable to keep up with his siblings and friends. We knew we had to do more to help him reach his goals.  Read more...

Love CHUM!

Submitted 02/23/2017

Organization like C.H.U.M. are rare. I have seen first hand the wonders that the owner of C.H.U.M., staff and volunteers have accomplished over the years that I have been associated with them. My 15 year old daughter has been riding at CHUM for a few years now as part of the 4H group that the owner of CHUM, Bonnie DePue, teaches, after a full and eventful week of teaching students. Not only does Miss Bonnie have more patience and teaching skills than anyone I have ever known, but she also has the caring heart of gold.   Read more...

Little "Bea's" Story

Submitted 02/23/2017

Six weeks before my daughter's 2nd birthday, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  Words can't express how devastating it was to hear the news.  Sure, she had been assessed and evaluated as developmentally delayed, but being given a label like CP felt like being given a death sentence.  Dramatic, I realize, but that's how it felt.  I had my daughter enlisted in Early On, and was taking her to PT, OT, and speech therapy with our local hospital, but her progression seemed slow to say the least.   Read more...

Bill's Blessing

Submitted 02/17/2016

My husband, Bill, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury on July 8, 2010. Our lives haven't been the same since.


He started at CHUM in April of 2012. Bill had always loved to ride prior to his TBI, and I thought if he could ride again, it might be something familiar for him, something that would not only be good for him physically, but also boost his confidence. You see, Bill has aphasia - that disconnect between the brain and the mouth, which makes it hard for him to form thoughts and sentences. He also had adynamia, or "flat affect", which can make his face look completely devoid of emotion.  CHUM has changed all that.  Read more...

Another Miracle in a Stable

Submitted  04/11/2010


    Although we are quite sure that many miracles are happening at CHUM, our family is grateful for the miracle involving our daughter Katie. We are so grateful to Bonnie, Kelly, and the Bowden’s for dedication, support, and prayers.


    Katie Frayer is a seven year old with Arthrogryposis and Scoliosis. Although it was apparent that something was wrong during the pregnancy, Katie was not diagnosed with Arthrogryposis until she was 9 months old.  Read more...

Carol's Story,

Submitted 04/11/2010

Carol Smith, 35-years-young with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.


    I was in a wheelchair in 1998 but not confined due to hippotherapy. Conn lent me his powerful body when mine was so weak. When I first started riding I didn’t have sensation from the waist down, no balance and didn’t have fine motor coordination in my hands. I was a mess but Conn was ready to show me the he would work my muscles and move for me until I could do it for myself, but most of all I believed that he needed to teach me that I was safe on him.  Read more...


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