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Love CHUM!

Submitted 02/23/2017

Organization like C.H.U.M. are rare. I have seen first hand the wonders that the owner of C.H.U.M., staff and volunteers have accomplished over the years that I have been associated with them. My 15 year old daughter has been riding at CHUM's for a few years now as part of the 4H group that the owner of CHUM, Bonnie DePue, teaches, after a full and eventful week of teaching students. Not only does Miss Bonnie have more patience and teaching skills than anyone I have ever known, but she also has the caring heart of gold. I have never experienced Miss Bonnie having a bad day, she is always calm and passionate about making sure that the students she teaches have a good experience while also taking away a learning lesson. Miss Bonnie always has time for that one extra question or comment from the students and parents. I could go on forever talking about how great Miss Bonnie is, but wait, then there is the horses that work with her. I love each and every one of them. They all feel like part of my family as well as hers. The horses might be part of the business that helps support the therapy organization but each and every one of them are part of the family. To each child and adult that rides at C.H.U.M. for therapy, healing or for fun, nothing fills the heart with more love that of a good horse. Good horses are hard to come by and cost more than most instructors could ever afford. Blessing C.H.U.M. with a Gypsy Gift Horse would help Miss Bonnie continue her wonderful work as therapist, 4H Leader, and PATH Instructor.


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