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The New Horse Barn!

August 15th was the first day of the Home Depot makeover of our therapy horse barn!! What a huge blessing! So many Home Depot volunteers worked endlessly to demo the barn! Bernie and Wayne roasted the pig for lunch, Amy, Marzena, Sara and crew all worked hard to feed everyone and the cookies and treats Emily, Cathy, Makayla and other families were a hit!

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TV 6 and TV 10 came out to join in the fun and CHUM families came to help as well! (Click the links to view the articles)


Some of our veterans were here, interviewed, and given a token of appreciation and a BIG THANK YOU for their service by TEAM DEPOT!


It seemed like an overwhelming project when we started! But Bryan and Geoff ran great crews and when the day shift left, the barn demo was done! THEN Dave and Lonnie from Dawn to Dusk farm arrived with the skid steer and punched the holes needed for posts and then we got started putting up new walls!!!




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